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Brittny's Vision for Nelson

Cooperation between Mayor and Council to ensure we achieve a balanced approach that supports community vitality, economic health and public safety is key to a thriving and resilient city and local government. 

Using evidence-based decision making to inform public policy is essential for a healthy democracy. I hope to strengthen local business and economies, look to relevant and replicable policy examples that address the local environmental impacts of climate change, and provide solutions to the affordable housing crisis in the area experienced by our most vulnerable populations.

Brittny's Story ~ Locally-grown, Globally-informed

I am grateful my parents chose to move to Nelson in 1986, when I was 6 months old. They provided me with the opportunity to grow up and thrive in our precious mountain town. I was given the chance to expand my wings and live in Ecuador at 16 years of age through the Rotary Youth Exchange program - an event that changed my life by giving me the confidence to be decisive, yet compassionate and explore the world, always as an ambassador for my home, Nelson. During my twenties I pursued higher education and took the opportunity to explore the world as much I as could. 

During that time I received my Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from UBCO and Masters of Science in Environmental Science and Policy from the Central European University. I was fortunate enough to live in six countries through opportunities as an Au Pair in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, as a university student in Mexico, Budapest and Ghana and as a farm intern at Bija Vidyapeeth, Vandana Shiva’s Earth University in India. Growing up in Nelson inspired me to spread my wings, live, work, travel across Canada and the globe before returning home to settle down. 

My work experience has brought me to retail in Vancouver, administration in Fort McMurray, an NGO in Whitehorse and finally back to Nelson, my home where I worked at the RDCK as their Environmental Services Coordinator and their Environmental Technologist before I chose to pursue entrepreneurship. I am a co-founder and director of operations for The Cannabis Conservancy, and have recently joined Young Agrarians as their Coordinator for the Columbia Basin region.