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In order to ensure you are eligible to make a contribution to this campaign, please read the below text prior to checking out! The button below says 'donate' but this is technically not a donation nor is it tax exempt. The donation button allows people to select the exact amount they feel comfortable contributing. 

Anonymous contributions are not permitted for online donations; therefore, names and addresses of everyone that makes a political contribution to this campaign is collected at checkout. The individual political contribution limit is $1200. The campaign expense limit is $5,610. Donations will be cut off when the limit is reached and checkout will no longer be possible.

Political contributions can only be accepted from eligible individuals. An eligible individual is someone who is a resident of B.C. and either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Political contributions cannot be accepted from: unincorporated organizations, corporations, or partnerships, trade unions, not-for-profit or charitable organizations, and federal political parties or electoral district associations.



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