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Green Azurite Feather Charm Earrings

These hand-made Fair Trade Green Tibetan Agate earrings are detailed with wooden beads and leaf charm.  

If you would like to replace the metal hooks with Sterling Silver, simply add a note to your cart for and they will be changed out before being shipped to you! Please take this into consideration when selecting a price! :)

Generally found today in France, Arizona, Namibia and Morocco, Azurite was known to the early Egyptians as the psychic stone, it was also called the Stone of Heaven by the ancient Chinese and worshipped by the Greeks and Romans for its healing powers, while the Mayans believed it to facilitate mindful wisdom and knowledge transfer.  It's also known for its power to clear away tension and confusion, while opening the mind, stimulating intellect.  It is said to awaken intuition, enhance of dreams and clear the Throat Chakra.