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Red Creek Jasper and Purple Apatite Feather Charm Earrings

These hand-made Fair Trade Red Creek Jasper and purple Apatite earrings are detailed with a wooden beads and feather charm.  

If you would like to replace the metal hooks with Sterling Silver, simply add a note to your cart for and they will be changed out before being shipped to you! Please take this into consideration when selecting a price! :)

Jasper derives its name from a Greek word meaning "spotted stone" and can be found across the world, with substantial deposits in Venezuela, North Africa, Sicily, Russia, France, India, Germany, and the USA.   A “down to earth” stone, it is said to ground daydreamers and boost intuition.  This stone is known to strengthen our connection to nature and purports to aid in calming and focusing the mind.

Due to its range of colours and being mistaken frequently for other stones, Apatite gets its name from the Greek word for “to deceive”.  Its largest deposits are found in the Kola Peninsula, Russia, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Bahia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India, Canada, and the USA.  The most sought after colour of apatite is violet.  Its used to promote personal power and goal achievement, clearing away confusion, apathy and negativity and supporting the intellectual expansion of knowledge , truth and service above self.